Issue 23 and Volume 25.

THE WEIGHT OF CAST IRON PIPE. WE agree with Mr. P. D. Wanner, president of the Pennsylvania Water Works association, that there ought not to be any 2,240 pounds representing one ton weight, in relation to cast iron pipe. The American ton is 2,000 pounds. Wherein, then,arises the necessity to call for any particular number of pounds,when ordering pipe? In purchasing one hundred weight of any staple commodity, we do not expect to receive 112 pounds, why,then, make an exception of cast iron pipe ? If pipe were consigned from an English house, and the bill of lading stated so many tons, it would be natural to suppose that each ton contained 2,240 pounds—and this inference would be correct. It only causes annoyance, however, to ask American manufacturers to make quotations on a gross ton, meaning 2,240 pounds, when simply calling for so many tons would be understood to mean…

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