Issue 23 and Volume 25.

THE COOLGARDIE PIPE LINE. The Coolgardie (Australia) water conduit is to be more than 300 miles long, and is to supply 5,000,000 gallons of water daily in a mining district 328 miles distant from a mountain reservoir near the coast. The water has to be raised a vertical distance of 1.330 feet, and this continuous steel pipe is not to be buried, because of the corrosive salts with which the soil abounds. Another reason for having the pipe above ground is that any leaks, however small, will be at once detected and waste will thus be avoided, which could not be the case if the pipe were buried, owing to the excessive dryness of the soil, which would at once absorb any leakage and prevent its detection. Economical ends will also be subserved by this arrangement of the pipe, inasmuch as neither excavation nor backfilling of trench will be called…

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