Issue 23 and Volume 25.

TOPICS OF THE DAY. CHARLES J. HEXAMER, of Philadelphia, seems to believe in the possibility of rendering wood absolutely fireproof, and, therefore, available for use in our warships, whence it has been virtually expelled by order of the naval authorities. To render it safe against fire, he would expel both moisture and air, and fill with chemical solution the vacuum thus created. For such a process he says that the impregnating material deposited in the fibre of the wood, must render it thoroughly incombustible; when in the wood.it must not be affected by moisture or water; it must adhere permanently to the fibre, so as not to be shaken out by any amount of wear or jarring; neither glycerine nor any like hygroscopic substances, commonly used in conjunction with other chemicals to render theatrical scenery incombustible, must be employed—their tendency being to rot the wood; the entire mass, not the…

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