Issue 23 and Volume 25.

FIRE DEPARTMENT OF BUFFALO. IN submitting their eighteenth annual report, the fire commissioners of Buffalo, N. Y., advert to the change in the personnel of the board. On April 23, 1898, Mayor Diehl appointed Mr. William Person as fire commissioner, in place of Mr. Jacob Davis, whose term of office expired. On the reorganization of the board, Mr. John F. Malone was elected president. During the year there were 832 alarms, involving a loss of $537,371.36. The bulk of these losses were occasioned by three disastrous firesnamely, those of the Sturges elevator, with a loss of $204,191.42; Hamilton planing mill, loss $57,830; and the Tifft block, $78,866, making a total of $340,887.42. Deducting this amount from the total loss for the year would leave $196,483.94 to cover the losses of the remaining 820 alarms of fire. This is a very creditable showing, and demonstrates the efficiency of the department. At…

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