Issue 23 and Volume 25.

FIRE NEWS The explosion of a gasolene tank in the china shop of H. B. Anthony, 216 Market street, Camden, N. J., caused a fire which destroyed that building, and, spreading to the two adjoining dry goods stores, gutted these also. The Columbine hotel was likewise slightly damaged. Total $50,000; fully insured. Truck and engine company No. 22 of the fire department Chicago, Ill., is to have a $15,000 house built for its use opposite the Public library at Michigan avenue and Washington street. The present headquarters are at Battery D. The aldermen of Alb my, N.* Y.. will not grant the firemen of that city any advance in salary. Chief Vaughn, of Worcester, Mass., now occupies the new fire headquarters. At Wilcox Pa., an entire block in the business portion of th • town burned. The fire originated in the dty goods store of Dieches & Weiss, and quickly…

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