Issue 25 and Volume 25.

WATER SUPPLY OF WATERVLIET. Engineers Elnathan Sweet and Charles G. Witbeck have submitted to the common council an elaborate report for a water supply for the city of Watervliet, N. Y , formerly known, when a village, as West Troy. It is proposed to secure a supply of water from the Deepkill, about four miles north of Lansingburgh, and one mile south of Melrose, where it is intended to erect a storage reservoir, with a capacity of 100,000,000 gallons. The conduit will be laid from the reservoir, following the line of the Deepkill to the Hudson river, which it will cross about half a mile north of Pratt’s hotel on the Mechanicville road. Its course will then be south, along the road through Waterford, along King’s ditch to the Mohawk river, which it will cross above the State dam at Cohoes. It will pass through the latter city south along…

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