Issue 25 and Volume 25.

MISCELLANEOUS C. N. Richardson, of the Combination Ladder Company, of Providence, R. I., has delivered during the past week one of the Holloway, double-tank combinations to the city of Brookline, Mass. He has also sold the city of New London, Conn., 1,000 feet of the wax-treated fire hose, and 500 feet of the same hose to the department of Narragansett Pier, R. I. Every day tells of the success of the Baker cellar pipes, and no one fire tool is making more rapid progress in good will and service in the fire department»generaliy than it. Chief Bonner, of New York city, in the past week, has ordered fifteen of these valuable pipes. Shipments have also been made to Sacramento, Cal., and Portland Me. This pipe, certainlywins laurels for itself and its makers.—Mr. Richardson has also closed contract with the city of Northampton, Mass., for one of the Providence model combination…

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