Issue 1 and Volume 26.

WATER H. L. Chamberlain, of South Orange, N. J., has offered Mayor Hoos, of Jersey City, to dispose of a plant with which to supply that city with water. On his 250 acres of land is a lake of about 190 acres. It is fed by mountain streams and has an outlet to the Rockaway river. This property lies about two and one.half miles south of Oak Kidge reservoir, and the water (he claims) is abundant and pure. Commissioner Dalton has been authorized to connect the mains of the city of New York in the TwentySixth ward of the borough of Brooklyn with the mains of the Long Island Water Supply company,and supply it 1,000,000 gallons of water a day at the prevailing price. The water meters furnished by the Hersey Manufacturing company to Baltimore, over paying for which there was some dispute, will now be paid for. They cost…

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