Issue 1 and Volume 26.

TOPICS OF THE DAY. WILE the Croton water is supplied to the citizens of New York in generous quantities. and is at the same time of exceedingly good quality, there are points in this borough at which the water is often very muddy. This is presumably due to the “dead ends,” whose presence is, of course, well known to the authorities. But, as these know just where the tendency to such accumulations exists, they should be always on the lookout for them and apply the remedy regularly, so as to prevent the evil. The great fault in the management of the water department in this city, is that too much is left to the private judgment of subordinates, who in reality please themselves about looking after or neglecting just such details as the above. IVE electric wires are alwaysasource of danger at fires. At Charleston, S. C., the city authorities…

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