Issue 4 and Volume 26.

WATER The germ of tetanus (lockjaw) has been found in the sewage deposits of the Passaic river. There have been several fatal cases of tetanus in that neighborhood, and people are beginning to talk about cause and effect. The Appellate division of the Supreme court has given this city permission to appeal to the court of Appeals from the decision upholding the judgments of $700,000 entered against the city in favor of O’Brien & Clark and other contractors on the Croton aqueduct. The judgments were entered on consent of Corporation Counsel Scott, and the main point on the appeal is whether the corporation counsel has power to agree that judgments shall be entered against the city. At Cleveland, Ohio, during the past two years fortytwo house water connections have been destroyed and some of the large mains badly damaged by electrolysis due to the currents from the return wires of…

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