Issue 4 and Volume 26.

DISASTROUS FIRE IN MILWAUKEE. On the night of July 18 fire destroyed the Grace hotel, a four-story brick structure, at Park and Reed streets, on the Milwaukee. About twenty-five firemen were injured, of whom five, including unfortunately Chief Foley, may die. It was the most serious fire of the kind since the Davidson theatre was destroyed, at which time about a dozen firemen lost their lives. The pecuniary loss will be small; the loss to the fire service will be great. Those most injured are: Peter O’Connor, shockingly burned about the head and shoulders, and badly bruised, recovery doubtful; Michael Quirk, truckman, back and head seriously injured, recovery doubtful; Chief James Foley, badly cut about the head, recovery doubtful; Captain P. J. Linehan, ribs broken and head seriously cut; recovery doubtful; Captain John Wolf, head and back seriously injured and face bruised and cut, recovery doubtful. Two alarms were sent…

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