Issue 4 and Volume 26.

FIRE NEWS In an article on the Eads Chernicalizer, published in FIRE AND WATER of July 8, appeared the following; “The Eads chernicalizer will operate effectually so long as the building does not cover more than thirty by fifty feet of ground and is not more than three stories high,” It should have read “For testing purposes the Eads chemicalizer” etc. The chernicalizer in question is able to operate successfully in any building and on any fire that can be handled with any other piece of fire apparatus. The context showed that such was the meaning the sentence was intended to convey. Comptroler Coler, of this city, has been notified by Secretary McAneny, of the Civil Service Reform association, not to pay the salaries of a number of appointees made since April 19, on the ground that, being illegal under the White law, they must be withheld until after the…

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