Issue 4 and Volume 26.

TESTING A LARGE METER. An interesting test of a thirty-six inch meter was made at the works of the National Meter company, Brooklyn, on Wednesday last. A large number of engineers and water works men were present, who watched the experiments with much interest. The National Meter compahy had the most perfect arrangements prepared for making the test, and the plant will become a permanent one for the future measurement of the discharge of large meters and flow of weirs. The accompanying illustration shows its construction. On the right of the picture, under the four supports of the traveling crane, is located the meter chamber, and farther to the right is a centrifugal pumping engine, which furnishes the water. The plantconsists of a pump, with a capacity of 50,000,000 gallons per day, when driven by an engine of suitable power. It is at present operated by a thirty h. p.…

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