Issue 4 and Volume 26.

SALVAGE CORPS OF BALTIMORE. The fire insurance salvage corps of Baltimore, Md., whose station 27 Liberty street, North, is here illustrated, in its twenty-fourth annual report states that during 1898 the corps attended 1,013 fires, and answered 900 alarms—eighty-two more than in the preceding year. Its members extinguished fifteen fires and spread 1,530 covers. Upon nine occasions all the wagons were in service at the same fire, and on nine other occasions at different fires at the same time. Of the 1,013 fires the corps attended 170 were caused by gasolene. The force consists of twelve regular men under the command of Captain J. C. McGregor, with four auxiliary and three probationary men. Part of its equipment consists of three two-horse wagons in continual service, 325) stock covers and seventy-five roof covers, and three sets of hose jumpers. During the past five years the work of the corps has increased…

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