Issue 4 and Volume 26.

CORRESPONDENCE PUMP VALVE-AREAS. To the EDITOR: In your issue of July 1,are published my remarks on pump valve-areas before the American Waterworks association at Columbus, Ohio, and the reply of the Still well-Beirce & Smith-Vailo company, explaining their position in the matter. In order that the position of our consulting engineer, Mr.Geo.A.Ellis.may not be misunderstood by your readers, in Mr. Ellis’ specifications there is not one word relating to pistontravel. I can best state Mr. Ellis’ position by quoting his recent letter in reply to a letter from the Stillwell-Beirce& Smith-Vaile company, in which they say: “We have regarded it as rather unusual that throughout all these discussions nothing whatever hae been stated in regard to speed. Mr. Ellis replies: It is at this point that disagreement arises. It is probable that it is less a difference of opinion than it is of point of view. You are discussing a…

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