Issue 4 and Volume 26.

WHEELS ANCIENT AND MODERN. (Specially written for FIRK AND Water.) [Continued from page 205.] AFTER James Leffel had produced the Samson turbine, other improvements followed. One of the greatest he introduced was bringing in for the first time the short draft-tube which carries the bridge-tree supporting the step and shaft, by means of which the way was paved for the water wheels of the increased power and capacity which are so much used to day. This tube does the work of the Boyden diffuser, which consists of a conicall3 diverging stationary^ piece outside of the buckets. Its function is to produce a diminishing velocity of discharge, and thus to impart moreenergy of the water to the wheel. By means of the drafttube are saved the momentum and power remaining in the water after passing through the wheel – making a difference in power of fifteen per cent, in favor of…

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