Issue 6 and Volume 26.

WHEELS ANCIENT AND MODERN. (Specially written for FIRE AND WATER) TURBINE wheels are constantly becoming more and more of a necessity, owing to the constant shrinkage of water power throughout the country—due chiefly to the clearing away of the forests and, secondarily, to the ditching and draining of the land. Thus they have come to supersede the old-time crude forms of water wheels, which easily served their purpose when high efficiency was of comparatively little importance, and such an equipment was of sufficient power to do the work. With the introduction of high-grade factories and the increase of population,whose demands for an adequate water supply called for a large diversion of water, the resultant shrinkage called for improved waterwheels, which should keep pace with the increased necessity called for by the additional improvements. The larger water powers were improved and absorbed by capitalists as investments and became very valuable, lienee…

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