Issue 6 and Volume 26.

WATER-WASTE LESSENED AT BATTLE CREEK The increase in the number of meters installed at Battle Creek, Mich , has produced a corresponding decrease in the amount of water wasted. The population of the city was estimated last year at 17,000— an increase of one thousand since 1895. The water pumped in 1898 was 270,000,000 gallons only, as against 250,000,000 in 1895; daily pumpagein 1895, 706,000;in 1898. 740,000. The water used per day, per capita, in 1895 was forty-four gallons, as against forty-three in 1898. Per tap, with fifty-nine per cent, metered in the former year, the water used amounted to 423 gallons; in 1898, with seventy-one per cent, metered, it was 345. The total number of taps in 1895 was 1,169; in 1898, 2,124. The percentage of water metered in the earlier year was thirty-four; in the later (with a very large increase in the number of taps and with…

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