Issue 6 and Volume 26.

PROPOSALS Following is a list of proposals, giving nature of work, place, date of opening, and names or person whom to address. Dredging, San Francisco, Cal, Aug. 10, for dredging in Alviso harbor. W. H. Heuer, major, Engineers, Sewer, Marion, Iowa Aug. 15, for constructing an outfall sewer, decomposition reservoir, nitrification beds and appurtenances and for separate parts thereof for the city of Marion. J. L. Heberling, city clerk. Water Works, Vernon, B. C., Aug. 14, by the municipal council of Vernon, B. C , for the pipes, hydrants, valves, and also for construction of dam, reservoir, works and excavating, and laying pipes for water works system in the city. Tenders requested either for pipes, hydrants, valves, etc., only, or for entire construction, including labor and materials. Tenders may be sent in for any part of the system, i. e., (1) Dam, (2) Reservoir, (8) Excavation and laying pipes, or…

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