Issue 7 and Volume 26.

THE ILLINOIS FIREMEN’S GATHERING. Notwithstanding the pouring rain, the eleventh annual tournament of the Illinois State Firemen’s Association, which was held at Pekin on August 2, was an unqualified success—thanks to the hard work of all concerned, and not least to that of the local fire department and Messrs. B. F. Staymates, of Clinton, and Walter E. Pine, of Champaign, secretary. Mr. Staymates is quoted as speaking in the highest terms of such gatherings as firemen’s tournaments, each of which, he observed, comprised in itself that peerless system of athletics, which the volunteer contingent symbolizes, os the only system of athletics to-day that approaches the ideal. It embodiee, not brute force as some others, buttaxes the intellect and the physical prowess in equal proportions and develops a splendid physical manhood.

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