Issue 7 and Volume 26.

INCREASE IN WATER METERAGE. NO I. A glance at the reports sent out by the many water departments and water companies in the United States shows that the call for the compulsory meterage of water is becoming louder every year Even in small cities the necessity of taking such a step is recognized, and attention is being directed year by year to the enormous waste of water and the consequent increase of expense to supplies and consumers. Thus at Pittsfield, Mass., where fully one-tenth of the water supplied to the public buildings was wasted, the installation of meters caused a saving in one-half of the supply, and their more common use in the towns (106 being installed altogether and thirty three during the past year) produced a revenue of $20,000 out of $45,000. In Lowell, MUSR , 482, meters were added in 1898, making a total of 4,866 in use,…

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