Issue 7 and Volume 26.

NEW WORK AT PHILADELPHIA. A new pumping station is to be built at Frankford, Philadelphia for the supply of the Fox Chase district. Addition and increased equipment are also to be made at the Belmont and Boxborough stations. For these, as well as service mains and the excavating of pipe trenches bids have been received by the department of public works, and after these have been scheduled, the contracts will be awarded. Altogether there is #.’138,000 available for the proposed work. Of this sum #255,000 comes out of the temporary loan, #50,000 was specifically appropriated this year for the new pumping station at Frankford, and #318,000 is the biUunce of the #100,000 appropriated this year for extending the Boxborough high service plant—contracts amounting to #60,000 having been awarded last May for two engines and #7,000 for a lump. The proposals 0[iened embrace the following: toxborou^h pumping station, formerly the Sbawmont…

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