Issue 9 and Volume 26.

WATER At Bessemer, Ala.,the Bessemer water works will undergo various improvements. Address Morris Adler & Bros., Birmingham, who have recently purchased the works. At Delhi, Ohio, reports say that a meeting is to be held to discuss the question of consolidating with the village of Fernbank and Home City, for the purpose of securing water works, sewerage, etc. The combined population will be $5,000. AtBlairsville.Pa.,it is said that plans and specifications for an additional reservoir are wanted. At Washington, D.C , the Great Falls Power Company is preparing to construct a dam at Great Falls; in connection with the work, a canal or sluice is projected to carry the water to a power house where it is proposed to generate electricity. Owing to the great improvements that have been made in the water works and the fire department of Knoxville, Tenn., that city is to have a new fire rating,…

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