Issue 9 and Volume 26.

TOPICS OF THE DAY. DURING fourteen hours daily the tides are used at Pont-L’Abbe, Finisterre, France, in generating power. At flood tides the water flows through a canal two and a half miles inland into a pond in rear of the power house receiving the water, which returns to the sea at ebb tide. The total fall is from six and one-half feet to seven and one-half feet, and eighty h. p. are generated by means of turbines. It has been proposed to apply this means to generate electric power for industrial application. YDRAULIC engineers often experience considerable difficulty in obtaining a cement capable of resisting the action of salt water. Dr. Michaelis, an Austrian authority on cements, has announced that his investigations have led him to the opinion that a mixture of Portland cement,puzzolana (volcanic tufa), and granulated blast furnace slag is better than Portland cement alone where structures…

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