Issue 9 and Volume 26.

BAY CITY’S WATER SUPPLY. In a well digested report, Supt. Dunbar, gives a most favorable idea of the good management of the water department of Bay City, Mich. Mr. Dunbar has successfully met the greatly increased demand upon his distribution system, owing to the establishment of so many new industries, but points out that means must be taken to provide against the increased demand for water in the near future. The total amount of pumpage for the past year was 1,038,794,253 gallons—an increase of 94,247,963 gallons over 1897. The total receipts of the department have been $22,370.18, of which $22,029.61 were from water rates. The total expenditures amounted to $21,730.93, of which$12,733.70 wasfor maintenance and operating expenses, and $8,966.83 for construction. By the addition of 11,500 feet of pipe, chiefly cast iron (thirty-five feet of four-inch being Wyckoff patent), the total length of distributing mains in service amounts to forty-three…

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