Issue 10 and Volume 26.

PRESIDENT QUIGLEY. John P. Quigley who was elected president of the International Association of Fire Engineers last week is one of the youngest chief engineers in the fire service and probably with one exception the only chief elected to this high position in the second year of his new office. Chief Quigley, is one of those men who is periodically bound to come to the front. He is active, intelligent, paintaking and withal an aggressive and competent fireman. The association is to be congratulated upon having elected so capable a presiding officer and Syracuse must be proud of possessing a public officer who iH bound always to be a credit to her. The portrait of President Quigley given above is one made by FIRE ANI> WATER from his latest photograph During the recent forest fires in the Adirondack region of this State, great difficulty was found in procuring men to…

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