Issue 10 and Volume 26.

THE DEADLY OVERHEAD WIRE. IF anything could accentuate the universal cry from fire chiefs for the compulsory burying of all overhead electric wires, the recent terrible fatality at Omaha, Neb , when the lives of four firemen were sacrificed through a discharge of electricity from a live wire with which their apparatus came in contact, should result in that reform going into effect everywhere. There is nothing to hinder this being the case The burial of the wires is perfectly practicable; it does notin the least interfere with their efficiency (except, perhaps, so far as long distance telephone wires are concerned); and it removes one fertile source of danger and delay at fires. More than that, the live overhead wire has of late been quite a large contributor to the destruction of property by its own instrumentality and by lightning. At Boston a fire was recently caused by the guylines…

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