Issue 19 and Volume 26.

PITTSBURGH AND ITS FIRE PROTECTION From the nature of the case, Pittsburgh, Pa., more, perhaps, than other city, stands in need of a thoroughly efficient and thoroughly equipped fire department. So far as the efficiency of the chief, his assistants, and the rank and file of the department is concerned, the “Smoky City” is well off, and in Chief Humphreys the citizens have an intelligent, well read, and expert fireman. So far as its equipment goes all its apparatus is up-to date and good, lhe trouble is that there is not enough of it. The proposed flreboat and the auxiliary lines of pipe from each river are still in the future; a water tower could be used with advantage; at least three additional engines, with hose wagons and hose, and houses in which to quarter them, are of obligation. During the year 1898 the gong alarms, including twelve false, were…

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