Issue 20 and Volume 26.

NEW MANNING FIRE ENGINE AT DETROIT. This morning, there took place at Gratiot avenue, near High street, the official test of “Big Mike,” the new fire engine which goes into service at fire headquarters, corner of Larned and Wayne streets today. The members of the commission were present and the test of the new $4,500 engine was under the direction of Mr. Manning the designer, and Chief Kendal, of the department. “It is a great success,” said the chief. The new fire engine was manufactured by theThos. Manning, jr., company, of Cleveland, and the test this morning showed that it is the most powerful engine in the possession of the department. It has a nine inch steam cylinder, five and one-half-inch watercylinder, and a nine-inch stroke. Three streams of one and one-fourth inches were thrown 150 feet; two streams of an inch and a half were thrown still farther, and…

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