Issue 20 and Volume 26.

THE LATE DEPUTY CHIEF GICQUEL It is with the deepest regret that we announce the death of Deputy Chief Benjamin A Gicquel, of the New York fire department, which took place at his home 247 West Forty-eighth street, Manhattan, on Thursday last. Chief Gicquel had only just returned to duty after having had to lie off for a time in consequence of being incapacitated for work through a severe carbuncle which followed blood poisoning—the result of an apparently trilling scratch on his hand from a tack while operating at a fire The deceased chief had apparently recovered from that attack, and had resumed the duties of his office for only a few days, when he was seized with what proved to be a fatal illness, during which he suffered acutely, owing to the condition of his liver, which had become abnormally enlarged. In Chief Gicquel the city loses an honest…

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