Issue 20 and Volume 26.

FIRE AND WATER AN English Parliamentary committee has spent a considerable amount of time (and incidentally money) in investigations over the raising of the flashpoint, of petroleum, chiefly in the interests of Scottish oil refiners as opposed to those of the same class in the United States. One of the chief witnesses for the Scottish refiners, to whose advantage it was that the flashpoint should be raised, enacted the role of Balaam and blessed, instead of cursing the opposing party. After investigating the origin of over BOO fires arising from alleged lamp explosions, he testified that in more than 500 cases the lamp was broken or tipped over arid the oil took fire, in such canes, therefore, it made no difference whether the flashpoint were seventy-three or 100 degrees. Yet, on the strengt h of such experience, he argued that the flashpoint should In* raised. The absurdity of his deductions…

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