Issue 22 and Volume 26.

PHILADELPHIA AND ITS WATER LOAN. IN order that there may be no delay in, at all events, beginning the much needed work of improving the water supply of Philadelphia, Mayor Ashbridge has submitted five measures to councils. He urges the immediate creation of the $12,000,000 loan “for the construction and installation of works for, and the improvement of the water supply” of the city. He recommends the passage of an ordinance appropriating $3,200,000 out of the loan of $3,700,000 authorized under the ordinance of June 17, 1808, to he borrowed for the extension, improvement, and filtration of the water supply; provided at least $1,000,000 thereof shall be expended to increase and improve the water Supply of that portion of the city of Philadelphia, lying west of the Schuylkill river. The sum of $500,000 is already available, and it now rests with councils to authorize the expenditure of the balance on…

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