Issue 22 and Volume 26.

FINERTY’S HOSE COUPLING EXPANDERS. The New York Coupling and Supply company, of 59 Ann street, Manhattan, possesses in Mr. J. J. Finerty, who is not only an efficient manager, but also an ingenious inventor of articles which firemen find of real practical service in their business. Among these are his hose coupling expanders, the latest designs of which are illustrated herewith. The “Standard” is made to be held in one position in a vise. The “U. S. Navy” expander is so arranged that in close quarters on board ship itcan be adjusted many position, so as to facilitate the labor of the operator. The “Shop” expander is intended to be a regular nhop tool for fire departments. It is permanently bolted to a bench ; is self-releasing; and can attach any size coupling from two and one-half inches upwards. All of these expanders are carried instock by the New York…

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