Issue 22 and Volume 26.

AN ENLARGED ELECTRICAL PLANT. The B. F. Goodrich company, of the Akron, Ohio, rubber works, manufacturers of the well-known “White Anchor” fire hose, whose brand is so familiar to all readers of FIRE AND WATER, is introducing an electrical power plant, to take the place of its present steam drive. The Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing company will supply the entire electrical equipment—the engine and boiler house will be of steel construction—the former 130 feet by eighty, with overhead coal bunkers—capacity, 800 tons. The boilers will aggregate 3,000 horse power, and will be equipped with mechanical stokers, and coal conveyors, and smokeless combustion. The engine room will measure 124 feet by fifty, and will contain three compound, condensing, high speed, Corliss type engines, direct connec’ed to t hree Westinghouse, twophase generators—two of 500 kilowatts and one of 150-the three will be arranged to work in multiple. About sixty motors will be…

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