Issue 22 and Volume 26.

CHIEF ENGINEER D. J. SWENIE. In order to put a stop to the silly rumors that have circulated anent the resignation of Chief Swenie, of Chicago, FIRE AND WATER telegraphed him on Thursday last and received the following characteristic reply: “CHICAGO, NOV. 23, 1899. “‘FIRE AND WATER,’ 12-16 JOHN STREET, NEW YORK “ Nothing to it. “D. J SWENIE.” This ought to be sufficient to put an end to furt gossiping on the subject. It must be very annoying to any pubhc officer to find his private affairs dis cussed in print. In the case of Chief Swenie, howevw. his qualifications as admitliNt rator of the largest tire departiiwnt but one in the United states are so well known that he can afford to treat the silly rumors of his would-be friends with complacency.

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