Issue 22 and Volume 26.

ELECTROLYSIS: AN UNSOLVED MUNICIPAL PROBLEM. [Continued.] IT appears that the electrician of the board [of electrical subways in Brooklyn] selected the water main on Third avenue, between Twenty-fifth and Sixtieth streets, for a test case. The difference of electrical potential between pipes and rails indicated a serious condition of affairs. Upon running a return feeder out from the Fifty-third street power house and connecting at intervals to the mains, a resurvey of the territory affected showed that the evil had apparently been suppressed. Thereupon the companies made application to the authorities for permission to duplicate these return connections elsewhere. These applications were referred to the writer, who reported unfavorably upon them, basing his decision on the following grounds: (1.) It was not settled that the city, having sanctioned this connection, would be able to recover damages in case the tentative remedy proved unsuccessful; whereas, under existing conditions, the indemnity bonds…

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