Issue 27 and Volume 26.

HARTFORD’S WATER FAMINE. (From a special correspondent) HARTFORD, CONN., December 22, 1899. WHILE the protracted drought has no doubt had much to do with the existing water famine in this city, the immediate and chief cause is the enormous waste of water in the mains and services and on the part of the consumers—to-say nothing of leakage in one of the sources of supply—a leaky canal which, in any case, has never been completed. The magnitude of the waste of water in the city may be inferred from the fact that for its 90 000 inhabitants 10,000,000 gallons are supplied daily. This jives a daily per capita average of 125 gallons—an amount out of all proportion to the population of a city where baths, public and private, and water closets, and laundries are far from being as common as in larger cities such as New York. Philadelphia, or Boston This…

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