Issue 27 and Volume 26.

PROPOSALS Following Is a list of proposals, giving nature of work, place, date of opening, and names or person whom to address. Sewer, Elkhart, Ind., January 9, for the construction of a sewer. Certified check required. Plans, etc., in office of D. F. Cordrey, county civil engineer. Sewer. South Bend, Ind., January 8, for constructing a 15 inch vitrified, salt-glazed pipe sewer on Chapin street, fromFord to a point 50 feet north of the north line of Sample street, and south to Prairie avenue. L. A. Hull, city clerk. Water Works Bonds, Berryville, Va., Jan. 4, for $25,000 4 per cent. 30-year water works bonds. The assessed valuation is $305,153, and this issue will constitute the only indebtedness. City clerk. Sewer Bonds, Salisbury, N C., Jan 8, for the purchase of $25,000 sewer bonds S. F Lord, mayor. Sewer, Elizabeth, N. J . Jan. 2, for constructing brick and pipe…

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