Issue 3 and Volume 27.

WATER SUPPLY OF SOMERSWORTH. (Specially written for FIRE AND WATER.) SOMERSWORTH, N. H., (formerly Great Falls),derives its water supply from the Salmon river, whence the water is pumped to a reservoir and standpipe. The system was originally built in 1864 by the Great Falls Manufacturing company, which in 1889 became the Great Falls Water company. After incorporation as Somers worth the city bought the plant for $22,055 in 1896 and at once proceeded to enlarge it. For the pumping station were bought twenty-seven and one-half acres of land, including a driveway fifty feet wide across to the Rocky road. There have been built an intake from the river, a screen wetland gatehouse, a conduit leading from the screen well to the filter beds, an engine and boilerhouss a pump well, a covered sand filter, etc. The intake is of sixteen-inch cast iron pipe, having bell and spigot-ends and laid with…

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