Issue 3 and Volume 27.

SELECTIONS FROM THIS YEAR’S FIRE REPORTS. Chief Burns, of the fire department of Columbus, Ga., in his annual report to the city council, shows that Columbus was $9,291.07 better off in the way of losses by Fire in 1899 than it was in 1898. This speaks highly for the efficiency of the fire department, and shows the value of system and order which is now the rule in that fine public utility. Chief Bauer, of the fire department of Nebraska City, Neb , reports eleven fires during 1899, with a loss of $610; insured for $210. South Bend, lnd., has a fire department, whose head is Chief Kernel. It is composed of forty-nine men, thirty-five permanent, and fourteen call men, with nineteen horses. During the past year there were eighty-eight box alarms; seventy-three still; nine false alarms; five second; eight third; and one general—total, 161. Chief Moeller, of Peoria, 111.,…

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