Issue 3 and Volume 27.

DAWSON CITY AFIRE. Once more a destructive fire—the third within a very short period—has inflicted great damage upon Dawson City, B. C. Whether it arose from the same cause as before—a drunken brawl in a saloon—or not, particulars are not at hand. A dispatch from Seattle, Wash, dated January 16, says that on the night of January 10, a large portion of the city was wiped out by fire—the loss exceeding $500,000. No details are given. Great suffering will undoubtedly follow the fire, as the temperature at Dawson was forty degrees below zero, with the wind blowing. The city is without a water supply, and the only means of obtaining water for use at fires is by cutting holes in the ice and immersing the suction pipes in the river. The fire department is one of the most remarkable in the world. The engines are drawn by a team of…

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