Issue 5 and Volume 27.

METERAGE OF WATER. At the end of 1899 Somerville, Muss., had 226 meters against 143 in 1898. The makes are as follows: Trident, 118 (fifty eight in 1898); Union, thirtyfive, against thirty; Crown, twenty-two; Hersey, seventeen; Union special, fifteen; Hersey disk, fourteen; Lambert, three; Gem, one; Empire, one. Mr. Joseph P. Pater, member of the board of control, of Hamilton, Ohio, thus expresses himself on the subject of water meters; Water meters are absolutely essential to conduct a water works on business principles, and it is a saving to water consumers as well. The meter system prevents wastage and thereby preserves the pressure and gives good fire protection By stopping the wastage of water, it greatly reduces the expense of the water works department without curtailing the proper use of water. The public should be encouraged to use water liberally, but the wastage can be stopped only by the meter…

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