Issue 9 and Volume 27.

GOOD FOR NORTHAMPTON. With a population approaching 17,000 and a water works plant “coustructed twenty-nine years ago, Northampton, Mass., shows an excellent balance sheet for her water department for the year ending November, 1899. Of the $150,000 expended for the new reservoir and twenty-fonr-inch conduit to Brick-yard Flat, $50 000 has been earned and will be paid this year, and the balance at the present method of management will be ready for liquidation in 1909. It is vfery commendable that the services of the superintendent should be recognized by the proposed increase of his salary, which is now abnormally small for the services performed. During the year 2,305 feet of pipe has been laid at a cost of $3,219.36—total length to date 286,100 feet; ten hydrants have been set—making a total of 279; number of new taps made, sixty; and five meters set —making a total of forty-five now in…

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