Issue 9 and Volume 27.

TOPICS OF THE DAY. CUMBERLAND, MD., has a municipal water system. In April, 1898, there were in use twenty eight water meters; in April, 1899, seventeen; and forty water takers had the water turned off! The collections in that city can hardly prove a source of very great profit to the municipality. A “CANADIAN Adirondacks” maybe the outcome of the arrangements made by the government of the Province of Ontario, for the formation of a great forest of almost 3,000 square miles, embracing the district in which lakes Temagami and Lady Evelyn are situated. The bulk of the 3,000 CCO acres in the reserve is virgin forest, on whith stands the finest white pine in Canada. HOW great is the consumption of incandescent lamps in the United States is shown in a care, fully prepared estimate of that business in this country. Its volume was $2,700,000. Assuming an average price…

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