Issue 12 and Volume 27.

THE POLLUTION OF JERSEY RIVERS. IN consequence of the decision of the New Jersey court of Errors and Appeals on the Passaic river pollution case (a report of which appears elsewhere in this impression), the passage of the Sewerage Commission bill has been accelerated at Trenton. It will be remembered that Chancellor McGill’s decision, which has just been reversed by the court of Errors and Appeals, held that the emptying of sewage into the Passaic river by Paterson and Newark constituted a nuisance, and those cities were accordingly enjoined from increasing the pollution, and ordered to cease all sewering into the river within five years. It was generally regarded that the chancellor’s decision was unassailable; but an appeal was taken, and the court of last resort has reversed the chancellor, on the ground that Newark and Paterson had been authorized by the legislature to empty sewage into the Passaic river.…

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