Issue 12 and Volume 27.

FIRE AND WATER NEW YORK State is considering a $300,000 improvement of the Erie canal. Meanwhile a private syndicate is reported to be getting plans in readiness for a $50,000,000 ship canal, to connect the harbor of New York and Newark bav. The width of the contemplated canal is to be 200 feet; its depth at low water, thirty feet; and its length, eight miles—thus giving sixteen miles of additional water front to the facilities of the port of New York. It is prophesied that this canal, when taken in connection with the intended improvement of the Erie canal, will establish (if carried out) for all time the commercial supremacy of this city and place it for ever outside the possibilities of its leaving New York . IN alluding to the fact that Fire Commissioner Scannell would have it rendered compulsory by law upon the owners of all tenement and…

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