Issue 12 and Volume 27.

NEW ENGLAND WATER WORKS ASSOCIATION. The regular quarterly meeting of the New England Water Works association took place at Headquarters Tremont, Temple, Boston. The program as already given in FIRE AND WATER (March 19, 1900) was adhered to. The attendance, as usual, was good, and the papers read were both interesting and instructive. The following is a list of those present: Active members—Charles H, Baldwin; Lewis M.Bancroft; Frank A. Barbour; Joseph E. Beals; E. C. Brooks; James W. Blackmer; George F. Chace; G. L. Chapin; John C. Chase; Henry A. Cook; J. W. Crawford; B.R. Felton; Z R. Forbes; Julius C. Gilbert; J.F. Gleason; J A. Gould; Frederick W. Gow; E. W.Gow. ing; William R. Groce; E. A. W. Hammett; John C. Haskell; William E. Hawks; Horace C. Holden; F .G. Judkins; Willard Kent; Leonard P. Kinnicut; James W. Locke; A.E. Martin; Thomas Naylor; John H.Perkins; J. B Putnam; A.…

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