Issue 13 and Volume 27.

CHICAGO’S NEW WATER WORKS CRIB. EVEN if Chicago’s water supply has not always been free from suspicion, its water works and their cribs have been very conspicuous objects, standing out boldly from the waters of lake Michigan, somewhat after the fashion of the martello towers, which were built so plentifully round the British shores to repel an anticipated Napoleonic invasion. Each one of these is connected with the city by a tunnel, the latest of which is that just built six miles out in the lake. As a structure it is not devoid of architectural effect. It stands on a caisson 112 feet in diameter at the base, 110 and three-quarter feet at the top, and forty-one feet high. The lowest section is built up of courses of hemlock, twelve inches by twelve inches, placed at right angles to each other. A solid floor is afforded the structure by the…

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