Issue 13 and Volume 27.

A LIFE-SAVING FIREBOAT. During the icy weather of last week two fishtugs and the firetug Farley were caught in a great field of ice almost a mile outside the harbor at Cleveland, Ohio. Their crews were in great staits from lack of food and coal, besides being in danger from the grinding of the ice. By order of Mr. Herb Hyman, the city’s director of fire, the firetug Cleveland was ordered to go the assistance of the crews, who had been cut off from all communication with the shore for over a day and a night. In trying to get the fishtugs out, the firetug Farley had shared their fate, and it was very doubtful whether the Clevelander could accomplish the work of rescue, as owing to long service, her boilers were in bad shape. She met with no ice for half a mile outside the harbor. After that, however,…

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