Issue 13 and Volume 27.

TOPICS OF THE DAY. ACETYLENE gas is being rapidly introduced into common use in France. A recent report states that a pine-wood proprietor has demonstrated that, by combining rosin oil with the gas, it does not evaporate as rapidly and is less explosive, while a pleasant odor is imparted to the carbide. The calcium carbide used fn the manufacture of the acetylene is for the most part imported from the United States and Switzerland, but several manufactories are reported in the course of erection in the neighborhood of Lourdes (Hautes Pyrenees). BROOKLYN is now apparently in a fair way to be connected with Manhattan by a tunnel which will be built between South Brooklyn and Battery park in this borough. Comptroler Coler has announced that the contract for the work will be awarded within six months; that surveys are now being made; and that the preliminaries can be speedily arranged.…

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